Giles Hartwright

Government Chief Technology Officer (Interim), Cabinet Office

Giles Hartwright joined the Cabinet Office two years ago to lead the cross government Interoperability programme to drive greater standardisation and collaboration across government IT (43 Ministerial and Non Ministerial Departments).

This role has expanded to include establishing a government Enterprise Architecture function, running the Government Cloud Transformation programme, delivering the Government IT Legacy Transformation programme and forming and leading the cross government Chief Technology Officer Council.

At the heart of his work Giles is driven to make positive changes to the way Government uses technology and to advocate on the increasing impact technology will have on society.

When not serving the people of the UK you will find him with his young family. Prior to the Cabinet Office he worked for the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Transport for London and was a Commissioned Officer in the Armed Forces. He is a graduate of Exeter Business School with a Masters in Business Administration.